White walls and fresh air

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If you’ve ever watched Grand Designs on TV, you’ll know it takes a lot of guts to embark on the renovation of a home that many might opt to bulldoze. Thankfully, Spanish couple, Marcial and Andrea were possessed of the necessary level of fortitude to take on a dilapidated home they found in El Carmen, a suburb of Valencia.

Written by Stephen Lacey. Pics by Alicia Macias - www.aliciamacias.es



Not only had the home been neglected for many decades, it was depressingly dark and laid out like a rabbit warren of rooms and corridors. However, Marcial’s brother – who runs a design firm, Boor Studio – could see the potential, and convinced his sister and her husband to purchase the home and make it greater than its past.

Preserving the historic integrity of the home, while creating a bright and airy contemporary space, was a challenge. The initial building work, saw most interior walls removed to flood the space with natural sunlight. An expert was enlisted to restore those gorgeous mosaic floors (the colourful tiles had been originally manufactured by the local Nolla factory).

As lovers of the clean and simple Scandinavian aesthetic, the couple opted for crisp white walls and minimal timber furnishings.

The finishing touch was the use of white Swirl Lamp and Link Chain pendant lamps in the entrance foyer and central corridor. The use of the Swirl is a deft touch, creating an ideal fusion between the historic and modern elements of the home.

Also, making a statement at the villa, is LZF’s Chou Lamp in yellow. Inspired by the film, ‘The World of Susie Wong, the Chou was designed by the hype-talented team at Yonoh studio. We think it adds an eclectic slice of Hong Kong, to a beautiful home in Valencia. The valencian couple have chosen also a beautiful Agatha SG Lamp for the lounge.

All in all, a very grand design indeed.

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