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    Pilar Martínez Law Firm, by Mauro Lomba.

    A reputable law firm needs to convey a sense of trust, transparency and professionalism, and this should be reflected in the manner the firm designs its office space. Renowned Spanish architect Mauro Lomba was enlisted by lawyers Pilar Martinez to create such an environment, utilising LZF lamps to great effect. 

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    BNP Paribas Investment Partners.

    Most companies can only dream about having an office with the design calibre of BNP Paribas Investment Partners in Amsterdam. The open spaces and asymmetrical walls featuring fantastic shapes are juxtaposed against sober and precise decoration, illuminated by an abundance of both natural and artificial light. 

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    MasterChef™ has Selected LZF

    Recently LZF lamps appeared on-air in a TV Marathon to raise much needed funds for rare diseases. Now we’re about to be stars of the small screen again, when our lamps are used for the restaurant-set in one of the highest-rating shows in Spain – Master Chef. BB and Sandro are thrilled to be part of the program and would like thank the producers for exhibiting such fine taste in lighting. 



Here at LZF (formerly known as Luzifer) we’ve been creating beautiful hand-made wooden lights since 1994. Our range is comprehensive and includes ceiling, floor, suspension, pendant, table and wall lamps. The unique designs - for both home and architectural lighting - are brought to life through our collaboration with some of the world’s great designers and artists. We like to say that our product is ‘wood touched by light’. Switch on and see why.

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