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When chef Colin Lynch opened Bar Mezzana in Boston’s thriving South End neighbourhood, he had one mission: to offer his guests a warm and inviting space with truly amazing service and hospitality, good energy and great food, cocktails and wines.
Thankfully, a warm and inviting space is something LZF does well; as Mezzana’s lighting designer, Lucy Dearborn can attest. She chose Ray Power ’s famous LINK pendant lamps in white wood veneer, to hang throughout the spacious dining room. A great choice Ms Dearborn.
We like to think that the LINK is a little like the essence of Mezzano’s cuisine; where a dish such as a langoustine dressed with lime and Sicilian sea salt, is infinitely more complex than the sum of its parts.
So too, the LINK makes the complex seem deceptively simple. Indeed, the LINK is created by enigmatic Mobius strips of FSC veneer. Discovered in 1858 by German mathematicians, the Mobius strip is the epitome of the topological phenomenon of nonorientability. See…we told you it was more complex than it first seemed.
Dining Room B
10 - Looking Back
Fortunately, Ray Power is a dab hand at mathematics. He arrived at the LINK after working day and night in his studio, crunching hard-core algebraic formula. Nowadays the LINK is available as a suspension lamp in three versions, and a floor lamp. Customers have the choice of 9 wood veneer finishes.
Take a look at Brian Samuels excellent photography and you can see how well suited the LINK is to Mezzano’s aesthetic. Architect Aaron Weiner of Studio DRAW designed the space to reflect both the industrial heritage of the location and a commitment to inspired modern design.
We rather like the juxtaposition of the LINK, against the traditional subway tiled bar area. And the LINK’s distinctively flowing form, is an interesting counter point to the angular ceiling treatment.
Nothing captures the dolce vita like the LINK.
LZF 023 LINK SP 20
Witten by Stephen Lacey
“Brian Samuels Photography” – https://www.instagram.com/myfoodthoughts/
 Instagram: @barmezzana facebook.com/barmezzana
 Mezzana’s Lighting designer: Lucy Dearborn
Architect Aaron Weiner of Studio DRAW

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