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LZF Lamps Stereovision Domo Lamp LP Art

Stereovision New Collection.
Unique handmade wood lighting since 1994

LZF Lamps LP
LZF Lamps Stereovision Domo Lamp LP Cover Art


Stereovision New Collection.
Unique handmade wood lighting since 1994


Domo. Petals of light.

Suspension lamp designed by Rqr Estudio

LZF Lamps Stereovision
Double CD LZF Lamps Stereovision Etienne Stehelin AKA Rithma

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Stereovision Relit By Rithma

Wood is in our DNA. We have been working with this material since 1994 when we first stumbled upon it as a perfect light diffuser and decided to create light pieces for our home. We have cut, folded, bent, sewn, fibre glassed and glued veneer since our beginnings. The result was Timberlite®, an in house patent, that revolutionised the way we could use veneer.

Since then we have always used the arts to promote and market our products. High Fidelity was created in house as a promotional tool to promote our 2013 handmade lamp collection. It reflected a moment in history when beauty, elegance, experimentation and innovation were turned into a social phenomenon; a time when very different areas of culture began to dialogue amongst themselves, from design, be it graphic or product design, to architecture, cinema, music, fashion and photography. This dialogue in turn lead to a genuine social transformation of a way of living life.

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Now we present Stereovision, our new communication campaign for 2014, which has been conceived as a natural evolution from High Fidelity. As in history itself, we are keen to continue our dialogue from that inaugural moment of modern living embodied by the culture of the 50’s, a time when the momentum of creative energy came across innovative life-style technologies that became available to everybody. In the field of music we are talking about the invention of stereo; in cinema it’s the appearance of Technicolor.

With the concept of Stereovision we wanted to underline something that is at the core of our present day work: the research into new technological possibilities regarding the color and temperature of light that allow us to understand how light contributes to creating the atmospheres we live our lives in. We have also integrated the new concept called "Custom Constellations", a system that allows for the creation of clusters of lights hanging from preinstalled upholstered leather ceiling canopies made to measure. The perfect solution for total light ambient creations.

Stereovision adds color and rhythm to High Fidelity thanks to the edition of a new EP called “Stereovision Relit” with remixed songs by Rithma. This new EP is available as a double CD together with the former album. And there is also a new edition of the cover art as an accompanying presentation for the new designs and the new lamps.