Oskar Cerezo

Oskar Cerezo was born in Switzerland in 1968 and raised in the Spanish Basque Country. He studied interior architecture in the city of Vitoria and industrial design in Madrid. Oskar has lived in Berlin since 1995. A man who enjoys moving around and seeing new things, he is not afraid of taking chances. Indeed, Oskar’s curiosity and taste for the new, and his passion for light, are instrumental to his own life; they would lead him to experiment with light and objects. Oskar began by interpreting classic lighting design until he found his own personal style. This style is based on his knowledge of classic designs, reinterpreted with his own modern yet simplistic vision. Lighting designs for LZF include Carambola and Saturnia.




Here at LZF (formerly known as Luzifer) we’ve been creating beautiful hand-made wooden lights since 1994. Our range is comprehensive and includes ceiling, floor, suspension, pendant, table and wall lamps. The unique designs - for both home and architectural lighting - are brought to life through our collaboration with some of the world’s great designers and artists. We like to say that our product is ‘wood touched by light’. Switch on and see why.

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