Belén Moratalla, Inelén Ortín and Cristina Planells (Valencia 1983).

Industrial Design graduates from the Polytechnic University of Valencia (2005).

They expand their expertise in different areas of design;

Interior Design, Graphic Arts and Fine Arts, respectively.

With a passion for the same interests, the three launch their professional career with the Macalula multidisciplinary design collective (2006-2009).

Together, they create new styles of living, a new approach to everyday life, a fresh, natural vision of design.

After years of working hard and learning, each member went their separate ways, while still developing collaborative projects. They are now working in the field of interior and graphic design, as well as teaching.

With their creative, multidisciplinary vision and their commitment to teamwork, they now take on new challenges with a greater sense of maturity and judgment, without losing the essence of their roots.

“We enjoy our work, and this is what we convey in our projects”.




Here at LZF (formerly known as Luzifer) we’ve been creating beautiful hand-made wooden lights since 1994. Our range is comprehensive and includes ceiling, floor, suspension, pendant, table and wall lamps. The unique designs - for both home and architectural lighting - are brought to life through our collaboration with some of the world’s great designers and artists. We like to say that our product is ‘wood touched by light’. Switch on and see why.

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Lzf Lamps

Avenida Reino de Valencia 14 - 46370 Chiva Valencia Spain
Phone: +34 962 524 780 / Fax: +34 962 524 795


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