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LZF LAMPS | Press Clipping | Wood touched by Light | Lighting Since 1994

Press Clippings

Publicado por on julio 22, 2015

Over the last few weeks, LZF’s wood veneer lighting has appeared in a whole bunch of great magazines from the front cover of... Read More

LZF LAMPS | Garden Party | Wood touched by Light | Since 1994

LZF Garden Party

Publicado por on julio 10, 2015

Last week the Spanish design organization RED along with Sunny Design Days, a sub group specialized in contract, brought a... Read More

LZF LAMPS | NeoCon 2015, Chicago | Spiro wood lamp | Handmade Wood Lighting since 1994 | Wood touched by Light

LZF @ NeoCon, Chicago

Publicado por on junio 8, 2015

LZF´s Spiro suspension lamp will be on show in Chicago this June for NeoCon, the largest commercial interiors design show... Read More

LZF LAMPS | Domo wood lamp by Rqr Studio | Bilbao Apartment by A54 Insitu | Wood touched by Light | Since 1994

Bilbao Apartment

Publicado por on junio 4, 2015

Remains of the day When archaeologists dug around on the top of Mounts Avril and Artxanda near the present site... Read More