M70 opening party in Frankfurt

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Designer of our Cuad lamp, Burkhard Dämmer (featured above with his daughter) opens with others a new cooperative creative space called M70. Located next to the “Südbahnhof”  it has great view of the train tracks and across to the city skyline.

On Saturday they celebrated their opening. About 150 guests enjoyed the food, drinks and the live music of the bands “The Earhart Light” and “Tonträger”.

Janis Elko, one of the members of “Tonträger”, is also part of M70. She is a freelance a graphic designer specialising in illustration, typography and photography. (http://www.janiselko.com/). Till Hergenhahn is a product designer whose work focuses on complex causal relationships in the natural sciences. (http://www.aeronauten.org).






Tobias Schnettler works on literary translations; Michaela Spohn, graphic design and Burkhard Dämmer, product design and one of our best designers.(www.burkharddaemmer.de). Although the members of M70 work on their own, they inspire each other and are able to share the possibilities of a model workshop, sewing workshop, 3D printer, laser cutter and photo studio.







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